The Warrior and the Tailor.

A veteran of many wars was traversing the prairie.   Seeking an agrarian home.  His travels brought him to StatusQuomaha.  There he met an old man sewing stitches.  The octogenarian insisting his needlework was finest in the land.

The Warrior was shocked at such declaration.  “Where lies the magic in such a bare cloth?  “What armaments lie hidden in sleeve or waist?”  “When do the epaulets and inspiring finery adorn this simple rag?”

The Tailor, surrounded by his school of simple garment makers, could not understand.  “We all wear this fashion and it is good.”

The Warrior insisted any Real Cloth must include declaration of fealty, rended to a higher purpose.    The same calling which had wounded and hardened him.  The cudgels and spears and knives all morphing mere man into Warrior.  He scanned the gathering and  found them soft and uninterrupted by battles.

The Tailor, suitably suited.  The Warrior, never so.

***Update.  The Bryan Health Classic 5K and 15K courses were measured for USATF Certification.  From Omaha Running Club president Tom Whitaker- “Bryan Health 15K is USATF certified, certificate No. NE18010GM, and the 5K is USATF certified, certificate No. NE18011GM. Paperwork has been filed with USATF but not yet posted on the USATF website. Would be helpful to reach out and get the truth instead of leading the public astray.”

I’ll make a simple declaration here.  I checked the USATF website in good faith for the certification.  Found nothing.  Checked the race website and found the confusing remarks about TAC certification.     You gentle  readers, can consider the circumstances and make your own conclusions.