West End Closet Runners and Walkers League.  We had our first meeting this morning.  No names will be released as surreptitiousness is a keystone for membership.

“Hi, my name is Will, and I’m a runner”.

We all accept one another regardless of race, creed, color, personal history, social strata, cultural trespasses, talent, or any other baggage that has absolutely nothing to do with the love of running and walking for fitness sake.

“WECRAWL, we offer ourselves to Thee- to build with us and to do with us as Thou wilt.  Relieve us of the poundage of  indulgence, that we may better do thy 5K.  Take away our inflexibilities, that victory over them may bear witness to our fellow WECRAWLers of Thy Endurance, Thy Intervals, Thy Running Way of Life.  May  we do thy mileage always!”

“We are now willing that you should have all of us, good and bad.  We’ll train that you remove from us every single excuse and pretext which stands in the way of our usefulness to our fellow WECRAWLers.  Grant us endurance, as we go out from here to do your paces.”

“Make us a vessel of thy training–that where there is sweat, we may bring effort–that where there is sluggardness, we may bring energy, that where there is GPS, we may bring certification–that where there is poor coaching, we may bring experience–that where there is competition, we may bring bravery, that where there is defeat, we shall bring dignity.  Grant that we may  train rather than not. ”

“Grant us the humility to accept our basal metabolic index that we cannot change.  Courage to run the times we can, and the wisdom to know who’s faster.  Running ONE DAY AT A TIME; Enjoying one stride at a time;  Accepting mileage as the pathway to fitness.  Taking, as Meb did, his pr as it is, not what he covets.  Trusting that training will make all things right if we surrender to quarters.  That we may be reasonably fast this week and even faster next.”

“Where’s Willie?”  Start my new gig next Monday morning.  Life Time Fitness?  Whole Foods Market?   Scheels?  Fareway?  Lulu Lemon?  Bag N Save?   Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital?  Super Saver?   Standard Heating and Air?   Bakers?  Millard Public Schools?  No Frills? Sarpy County Tourism?  YoZone Frozen Yogurt?  HyVee?        Sssshhhhhhh!





A picture from another time and chapter in Team Nebraska lore.  Several years ago at the Twin Cities Marathon, Levi Ashley in 2:22:50, Tom Nichols in 2:25:13, and Brian Wandzilak in 2:43:38. A pr for all three athletes, ah the good old days.