Excited for the kick off of tomorrow’s State Track & Field meet.  Burke, that gem of a stadium.   When I brought the USATF wigs in to tour they were struck by the hard wired details, rating it more favorably than most any other in the country.  The supporting staff, most experienced at the Junior Olympics Meet, execute with precision.

Our LDR Scholarship committee will be particularly keen on the distance races and the seniors therein.

Iowa’s State Meet kicks off today, metric bents making exact comparisons subjective, generally breaking along the Missouri River.

Adjusting my formulas, re-calibrating old expectations, inputting new data.  Running with my ears and eyes and heart and mind and soul.  Seeking my new Real.  Six months out from my 59th, figuring out how  I can maintain competitive longevity.  Dealing training runs like an old shark.   Now scheduled no closer than every other day, mileage creeping up from 15 to hover around 20.  With a lot of relative quality.  Today a 1.25 mile warm up and warm down, the middle a 3.5 mile benchmark (27:00) tour around our Richest Neighbors, West Shores.  “I say lovey, that gentleman’s speed has ruffled my cardigan!”

Thanks for the emails this week, good to hear from you!