Most of you are finding plenty of spare moments.  More free time than accustomed to.  My modus operandi; keep busy and chill when I will.  Some days, this being one of them, I ask Linda, “What do you want to do today?”

I hope you are spending yours outside if at all possible.  The newest trend is starting your own garden.  From window boxes to urban plots to country spread.  Linda and I thankful for the Bar None’s exercise in self sufficiency.  In many senses it is life as usual for us.  We rarely go “in town” during the best of times.  We prefer each others company almost exclusively.  My very best friend and companion, my love.  So we’ve got that going for us.

You have been able to spend more time on your fitness.  Allowing you to stretch, do some yoga, planks or other such.  Hope you can do them outside.  Out of doors.  The common theme with free time and me.  The more I have the more I want to spend it outside.

How are you handling training?  I’ve been wondering about you serious runners, how not being able to compete has affected your motivation.  What else could possible scratch that itch?  Testing yourself against your fellow man.  Where it matters not whose label is on your collar or kit.  The only Real hierarchy excepting perhaps the Sweet Science.

Hard to focus when the summer and fall racing schedule is still up in the air.  Will any of the local fall marathons (HITS, Nebraska, Heartland, Wabash Trace) or half marathons (Good Life Halfsy, Twin Rivers YMCA) entertain the cannon’s report?  Nationally the fall schedule has been inundated with rescheduled spring races.  I’m not sure any of them will actually go off.

If you’re doing something novel and interesting and would like to share, please email your story to originalrunguru@gmail.com  You might end up featured here in RGS.  We’d like to know.  What Are You Doing?