The most universal question for mankind.  What is love?  Happiness.   Salvation.  Gentle Touch.  Kind Word.  Eye Contact.   Promise.  Hope.  Shared.  Faith.  Patience.  Yearning.  Truth.  Dynamic.  Sacrifice.   Love is everything.

Count yourself fortunate if you have love.  Or if you have loved.

Love changes.  It softens the hardest visage.  It ameliorates harsh words.  It can be hard fought.  It can happen in a moment.  It can take a lifetime.   It has mysterious paths.  It has many manifestations.

Love yourself.  Love your work.  Love your family.  Love your friends.  Love your pet.   Love your partner most of all.  Most of all.

Believe that your love story is for the ages.  Singular and amazing and the very essence of life.

That is how I feel about Linda.  We didn’t particularly get along when we first met.  Coach and athlete.  As the miles and hours and days and months and years progressed we found a mutual respect and appreciation and ultimately much more.   I can’t explain how or why I ended up blessed with Linda.  I do have the answer to man’s deepest question though, “What Is Love?”