Nebraska and Oklahoma filing suit against Colorado over the legalization of marijuana.  *Insert your own opinion of how our tax dollars are being spent here.*  

I thought some of the times at the USA Club XC National Championships seemed a little too quick.  Thus I’m not surprised to find out there is a lot of griping that the course was considerably short.  Those rascals over at Lets Run, always stirring the pot.

Bo Pelini.  I listened to his 29:48 rant yesterday.  I was a big fan and supporter and am now less so.  He called out his positions and while I agree 100% with some, it was an error to drag the kids into it.   I always appreciated his blue collar vs. blue blood attitude.  Especially fond of his take on the legal profession.

Thanks to Michel Solan Davy for the copy of UNBROKEN.  Linda and I are racing through it just in time for the Christmas Day movie release.

I’m doing a little de facto non-coaching for a former 2:21:45 marathoner.  Sights set on the Lincoln Half next may.  Odd couple, except that I understand him and he understands me.

I’m steady at 5 days/week now.  Mileage right at 30.  Peppered liberally with strides and pick ups.  One longer tempo run every 10 days.

Craig Donnelly.  Just so you don’t forget who he is.  Briana Adams.  Just so you don’t forget who she is.

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Jedediah Strong Kunasek.  He woofs you a Merry Christmas!