Always dig the feedback from readers.   From one of my most frequent contributors-

“The mind is the athlete? Spoken only by socialites. Your stomach tells you when you’re hungry. Your body tells you when to run. The mind will tell you all sorts of things especially to run when you shouldn’t.  Eat what you want, drink what you want, exercise till you feel satisfied, get plenty of good sleep.  Society makes a mockery out of the mind.”

Agree with the above.   I’m old enough to remember when our sport was only that way.  When running was a solitary pursuit.  When it was understood that we were different.  And that  we wanted to be different.  We strode out in darkness and rain with no desire to be seen.  When the only ones running a marathon were those that were damn serious.  When “friendship” was not a part of the competitive lexicon.

We all have our reasons for running.  Mr. Hoodie ran countless laps around Lake Zorinsky, full sweats no matter the season, utterly mute,  silky pace shod in black loafers.  I used to think he could be a champion, he had his own demons though.   I’ll never know what was rolling around inside his bean.

It would be interesting to know the truth.  What’s in your head?