I was a freshman at Lamar University in 1987.  As part of one of my health classes the professor allowed me to put a positive quote of the day on the chalkboard.  I used today’s column title the day that the Berlin Wall fell.

Walls are falling here in the Nebraska USATF community.  Led by the strong hand of Logan Watley.  Our LDR Committee taking shape.  Our NRGE board honored me with the request to represent Nebraska Run Guru Elite.  So I’m in.  I’ll be joining reps from the other Nebraska Association LDR clubs.

More on those crumbling walls.  One a surprise, the other not.  Checking the list of our 2016 Nebraska Association member clubs reveals that 2 of the old stalwarts are no longer.  Neither the Cornhusker Flyers nor Team Nebraska renewed their membership for 2016 and we will miss them both.  This association was built on the Flyers and you all know my position about who/what built the LDR program.  And now both have gone by the  by.   More hopeful however that we will soon see a hastily composed application by both.

I do see a new club with current membership.  Nebraska Ultra Trails (NUTs), but find no members listed, interesting.  Hopefully a group of talented ultra and trail runners are assembling to give our studly NRGE corps some business.

I had to do a little investigating to get to the bottom of U2CANRUN-Nebraska’s organizational membership.  Followed the link to a mystery, the phone number revealing it is Peak Performance.  Mike Ewoldt, good on you.

Pink Gorilla also has an organizational membership.  Ben Cohoon and Zach Harsin, good on you.

Women Run Nebraska, Adeline Hohman, good on you.

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