I’ve spent the last 4 decades deep diving our sport.  Chronicled the last decade and a half under the old teamnebraska.com and right here, weighing in where angels fear to tread.  The tenor has ameliorated significantly, my dear sweet Linda softening me daily.

Forty years of running, racing, writing, volunteering, directing, coaching, reading, studying, mentoring, certifying, credentialing, cheering.

And what comes of it all?  After everything is condensed, annotated, and analyzed  the most basic, the primal question, “Why Do I Run?”

I’ve known thousands of runners.  They will each give you their own answer.  Everyone is different.  Followers of this blog are well familiar with my relationship with our sport.  What I expect out of it, what is expected of myself.

I run for me first and foremost, to challenge myself.  Honesty in my efforts the measuring stick since 1980.  The closer to the red line, the more Pure and Evident life becomes.   I alone, my own master.

I run secondarily to challenge you.  As a Competitor.  Racing.  The chance to test yourself beyond yourself.  To find someone just a little more talented and Make Your Truth.  If you are still reading these words you understand what I’m laying down.  The Satisfaction of giving everything and coming out  Conqueror.  Champion for a moment, having vanquished Fear, Doubt, and Judgement.  For a moment only.  Mantra from the 80s- “You’re Only As Good As Your Last Race.”  Pressure that creates your best self as a competitive runner.

That is Why I Run.