One of the most personal decisions you can make.  Never to be taken lightly.

You invest months of training.  You deny yourself luxuries that don’t jive with optimum fitness.  You bust your butts.  Some of you will spend hundreds of dollars on “Special Shoes” to help you achieve that performance you’ll always hang your hat on.  If you are a serious athlete you consider all these things when selecting your marathon.

No less important is the course you decide to lay it down on.  This should be just as, nay more,  important in your planning as the other details.  Matters not whether your excellence is 5 hours or 2 hours 10 minutes.

Valley O.NE Marathon is the best marathon course for you to Run To Your Potential.  I’ve pretty much hammered that message for the last couple years, and for a good reason.

Take control of your own future, do what is best for you.  Run As O.NE