Pecos Bill started his life in East Texas.  His dad packed up the family when a new neighbor moved in – 50 miles away, too close!  Less is more as far as neighbors are concerned.

We’ve been hard at the hardscaping here at the new digs.  Garden beds, potting sheds, wood shed, grape arbor, tons of granite.  Progress continues on the inside of the house, cabinets and trim are in, perhaps just another 30 days until our first night.

Today’s tale is about land though.  Owning land.  Protecting land.  The Wild Wild West.  A couple of fellas (neighbors) decided they would claim a slice of my property, providing them easy access to their own land.  They’ve used it for the last few years, claiming “County Service Road”, or “County Right of Way” or some such.  I recently put up a “Private Drive” sign, provided the fellas insight into the property lines and my plans to develop and landscape.  They insisted otherwise, trespassing ensued.  County surveyor out yesterday putting a lid on the issue.

Smiley and Aw Shucks, run off the Bar None.  Law and order restored in the Wild Wild West, at least for now.