Always work and more work here at the Bar None.  Hand watering, hand weeding, hand to hand as it were, all while hand in hand with my dear sweet Linda.  As busy as we are there is always another needed project.  Linda trimming the bushes out front, after a quick consult decided to yank them.  Change is good.  Digging out the bushes, planted 40 years ago and too close to the foundation, turns out to be a real chore.

Yews, harder than oak.  With an intricate and substantial root system.  After much studying decided to get down with it the only way I know how.  Rolled up the sleeves, got down on my knees, started working hard as I please.  Eight hours digging to get the first one out, you dig?  Only three more to go!

Up by 6 tending dogs and hens.  In the garden by 6:30 then.  Watering, weeding, picking and planting until lunch and a quick nap.  Then back at these yews, destined to lose, your Friday news.