It’s an amazing time to be alive!  Our society flush with every manner of easy does its.  See something you don’t like?  Viola!  Filler for every nook and cranny!  Enhancements, reductions, injections,  and suctions.  Why?

When you reach your best you become comfortable in your own skin.  No further engineering necessary.  And all that is superficial anyway.

You are reading these musings because you are a runner.  Most runners have accepted the grand design, whether too tall, too short, too skinny, too heavy, too anything and too everything.  We’ve accepted our bodies, though we never stop applying the crop.

Its how you apply that crop that brings results if you are interested in becoming  a better runner, your best runner.  

A perfect morning greeted 20 runners for our first Flash 5K.  Most all brand new faces, some running for fun, some training for races.   We all struck a unifying chord.  Running with others adds dimension to an otherwise lonely pursuit.  Mutual  support, camaraderie, free exchange of ideas, stories shared, inspiring and motivating for one and all.  

Becoming a better runner.  Your Best Runner.