Running.  It keeps you young at heart.  And in mind.  Hope.  Potential.  The Future.  A good preface to today’s major announcement.

But first, a flashback to 1991 and the Illinois State T&F 2 Mile Champs.  I was coaching a young  lady named Jenny Lisy.  Dramatic improvement over that spring led to a 7th overall and school record in 11:19.  Lifting her from poverty to a DI scholarship.

Fast forward 25 years.

Nebraska Run Guru Elite, Inc. has expanded to include a youth component.  We are now officially a Nebraska Association Youth Club as well as adult competitive club.  I teased a couple of weeks ago about getting my USOC Safe Sport Certification, now you know why.

I’ll be coaching Sam and Jackson Runde, our third  summer together.  This year though, they run for NRGE, Inc.  Sam pointing things in the right direction last Thursday when he won the All City Mile in a windy 5:15 (he’s already run 5:06 this spring), the fastest 7th grader in OPS.

Our Youth component will be small and exclusive with one on one coaching.  Goal is to be competitive on a state and national level.   If you have or know of a highly talented athlete that might benefit,

Prayers and meditations go out to Craig Donnelly.  Incredibly talented runner,  suffering from epilepsy his entire life.  While on a recent training run he had an episode, falling and sustaining severe head trauma.  This  required  removal of his left cerebellum.  He is now in rehab.  Craig was self employed as a coach and was uninsured.  A go fund me page has been set up to assist with his medical bills.