“You ready Willie?”  Over the last 30 years my Uncle Carl always greeted me with his challenge over 10 miles.  A true “Oklahoma Ridge Runner”, as all the Lindgren boys were, he likely could have given me a run for my money.  Two years younger than my dad and even more of a fixture in the Lawton, Oklahoma community.  Veteran, and first Lindgren to go to college.  Retired from the Lawton police force, good father and honest man, land baron and keen businessman.  Went to his Reward last week, the second younger brother that my dad has sent off, and that’s sad.  Over 1000 people attended Uncle Carl’s funeral, making his final farewell uplifting for his three children and extended family.  Thanks especially to the Lawton Police Department and the Comanche County Sheriff’s Department for recognizing and celebrating this Great Man.

Linda met with Dr. Katie Grier this morning and surgery is scheduled for tomorrow.  Double malleolus break on the right foot, plates and screws to repair.  GIKK Orthopedic Specialists, the same group that fixed my broken foot 3 years ago.   A big confidence boost that Dr. Grier is training up for the Papillion Half Marathon.  I know she is in the best possible hands.

Linda had an Angel watching over her yesterday morning.  Alysha Busse was driving on 180th, glanced out towards the dojo and saw Linda crawling through the snow towards the road (she had been crawling for nearly half a mile, her fractured and dislocated ankle flopping and dangling, pain and cold keeping her on the periphery of shock).  Alysha made a u-turn, pulled over, went down the trail and helped get her into her truck.  Thank you dear, our friend for life.

Uncle Carl this past Thanksgiving.  I’m so glad I made the trip and got to dream of one final 10 mile race.