We took some mates to Heartland Cafe in Elkhorn after Saturday morning’s run.  Eleven of us hit the dojo for our long run, built big appetites, and chowed down at this little gem of a restaurant.  Everything made from scratch, doesn’t get any better.  The Gourmet Hashbrowns, with a ladle of sausage gravy, topped by 2 eggs over easy.  Heaven on a plate, glad to be getting my weight back, not always easy for me.

Some new pics up on our flickr account, thanks to Meghan Schneider for taking and posting, photos below credited to her.  TNB’s membership stretches across the state, and many more that are transplanted across the country, either permanently or temporarily.  It is not very often that we get to see each other, and when we do get together there are always introductions to be made.  New mates meeting other new mates and older mates too.  Our TNB Family.  When we do get an opportunity I often ask the mates to gather prior to the starting gun for a group pic.  A great way to commemorate our gatherings at our Favorite Races.  It was mentioned at breakfast that Thursday morning’s Fremont TT was among the most competitive men’s road race of the year behind only the Corporate Cup and the Lincoln Marathon/Half Marathon.  That’s what makes it one of our faves, satisfies our appetite for Real Racing.

Ran some this morning with a guy that knows a lot about Real Racing.  Chuck Cooper was the Race Director of the Festival of Races, still likely the most competitive event in the history of Omaha, only the Omaha Mile coming close to depth of talent.  We share views, and pains about certain obstacles in our running community.   To a point, the more things change, the more they stay the same.   He is doing Good Work in other arenas now.   I keep up the Good Fight but continually learn how difficult it is/was to advocate for Excellence.  Chuck will be running the Dallas White Rock Marathon next weekend, 1 day before he turns 60.  Good Luck, Great Racing, and Giddyup!

How appropriate that Cory & Justin chose to bury the competition in front of the Dugan Funeral Chapel.  Cory just nipped Justin at the line, that’s some Real Racing!

No quarter asked for, no quarter given, and no tears.  Mano a Mano, stride for stride, fiercest of competitors through the line, good buddies immediately afterwards.

Shain Kephart didn’t ask for any favors either.  He battled the entire way, “Rubbin is Racin” as our mate Kelly Crawford likes to say.  Reminds me of a younger version of Run Guru.

A great shot of David & Peter working together while trying to break each other.  Training partners and great friends until the gun goes off.  That’s why its called Real Racing!

Run Guru Says is now off the soap box.