You’ve probably noticed all the earthworms warming themselves, or slowly moving across your favorite running routes since the rains earlier this week.  There were hundreds out at Two Rivers State Park on Wednesday and many, many more on the Millard West track yesterday morning.  The anglers out at Two Rivers were making good use of them, slaying the trout as it were.  Reminds me of when I was a child and my dad had fishing trips planned for us.  We would go out the night before with straightened coat hangers affixed to a low voltage battery, stick the ends into the wet ground, and up they would come in the multitudes.  I wonder if this is still practiced anywhere?

This weekend’s Shamrock Shuffle Elite Team Challenge in Chicago will be one of the most competitive races of the year for our Good Mates.  They’ll get to tangle with former Team Nebraska mate Mike Morgan and some of his Hansons comrades, the returning champions from Wisconson, and a handful of others that won’t give an inch or a dime.  This is exactly what is needed to bring out the very best in our athletes and we are excited about such high level competition.

The Hospital Hill Team Challenge on June 2 in Kansas City will be the next big opportunity.  We’ve had a group of our top studs committed and now we are sending some studettes as well.  We’ll be doing battle with some of the top clubs in the region and even for bragging rights against USATF teams here in Nebraska.  Giddyup!