I hope you’ll take a moment to check out the link at the bottom of today’s column, it has the rest of the photos from Sunday’s Shamrock Shuffle in Chicago.  And I know you’ll enjoy the few choice ones I’ve posted, just wow.

I’m already getting offers from races around the country that would love to have David in their elite field.  This kid deserves everything he can possible get.

A huge thank you to the following:  Kelly Crawford, Cade & Molly Pearson, Laurie Halpenny, Danielle Galvin, Carole Swanson, Kathy Palmer, and Linda Barnhart.  These people gave up their Wednesday evenings to attend last night’s USATF Officials Clinic and boy were the powers that be impressed with the turnout by those in support of this summer’s USA Club T&F National Championships.  A mix of Team Nebraska and Omaha Endurance Group athletes, do these people care most about the success of the event?  Yes they do.  We spent nearly 4 hours going over some general information and finer nuances of our sport.

John Tully did an exemplary job standing in for us at Millard West.  His report from this morning:
” 20 runners, 15 kids, 5 new to OEG wed night track group. To a person, everyone there worked extremely hard, they love and request  the guidance you give them. The times were surprising and amazing. To a person, the problem was running  too fast, never not trying hard enough. The coaching part was to get them at a  comfortably hard pace they could maintain. I was blown away by the new 6 to 7 m/m runners that were there, as well as  the 10 m/m runners who were all of a sudden drawn into the spirit and popped off  multiple 9:30 m/m’s. The joy and surprise on their faces was fantastic. new friends and some re-acquaintances connections made.
Resident speedster Steve bring chased by Cassandra. She didn’t quite catch  him and his 5:15 barefoot mile repeats.
Lisa Martone, triathalete, going through the paces with Jason  Schulenberger, and Keely Nyman chasing them down
Amy Rief fresh off her Leprechaun Chase and 5K PR’s  finding undiscovered speed.
Krista Palm and Amy Riggs laughing like high school kids after busting off  half a dozen 1/4 repeats way too fast!
And the Running moms with kids. ”

This is the joy of Wednesday nights.  This is what I have always envisioned for the Omaha Metro, I think we’re finally here.


David Adams early on in the chase pack.  Mike Morgan just off his left shoulder.  Both racing with eyes wide shut.

David broke free of the chase pack at 4 miles and started running down the leaders.  Here he is catching 2012 Olympic Marathoner Abdi.

David would finish just :30 behind the eventual winner and put his name on every Elite Athlete Coordinator’s list in the country.

I get chills just looking at this Good Mate in the Red & White.  And I’m thankful to the Lincoln Marathon for all their support that makes these opportunities possible for our team, we proudly wear their logo on our chest!

More photos here: