Those were my thoughts last night as I watched the fast section of the Steeplechase at Payton Jordan.  David Adams was one of 20 men lined up, he held the penultimate spot for the first several laps and I wondered how he would ever work through the field.  I know he has as good or better wheels than most that were in the race but you’ve got to have some room to use them.  He did finally manage to break free with 800 to go and moved up to finish 8th in a second best ever time of 8:35.59.  A great learning experience for David.

I was happy to see the winner of section 3 was David Wade of Lamar University.  I studied there for 3 years and ran one season of cross country for the Cardinals.

Michaela van der Westhuizen was the Overall Winner at Saturday’s Autism Puzzle Walk and 5K.  Her and Pete made a guest appearance and we sure appreciated their coming out to support the good cause.  Great work to Laurie Halpenny and the organizing committee, they raised a pant load of $$ for their wonderful cause.  I attended a fundraiser for the Omaha Opera Guild Saturday night, our own Agustin Delgado being one of the featured stars, that effort raised over $7000 for the Guild, lots of good work by good people for the benefit of our community.

Natalie Como made her Team Nebraska debut a good one by taking 5th overall female at the Oklahoma City Marathon running a nice 3:11:23.  As I’ve said before, I can’t wait to see what this young lady does with some coaching and decent training partners.

My legs are back.  Ten miles on Saturday with 6 miles very hard in the hills of scenic Sarpy/Douglas, 20 miles yesterday, and 12 today with 5 X 2 miles @ 13:57, 13:26, 13:36, 13:29, and closing with a fast 12:31.  3:00 recovery between each.  Catch me if you can!

Natalie after yesterday’s OKC Marathon.   She is a former gymnast, rock climber, snow boarder, etc.  A pure athlete who will make an impact on the local scene and for the club this year.  And how about that smile!