This was yesterday’s 20.5 mile run out at the dojo.  I got an early start and the hallowed ground was desolate and serene.  I saw just a couple of friendly faces while conducting a full loop and 4 west loops, a near perfect morning with moderate temps, low humidity, and running on my mind.  My training partner has a Very Tender calf issue, she is rehabbing by aqua jogging, biking, yoga, etc.  Wishing her the speediest of recoveries, her nearly 1500 miles of running this year guaranteeing she’ll not lose fitness this close to Grandma’s.

And so it was me and my Best Friend for most of three and a half hours yesterday.  The friend that challenges me more than anyone else, both in physical endeavors and in metaphysical postulations.  The One and only one that I Need answer to.  The One that will have the greatest impact not only during Grandma’s marathon, but on my daily conduct as long as I am fortunate enough to breathe.  The One that I Love the Most.  Not a narcissitic affair, but a life long appreciation of  dependability, accountability, reliability, council and comfort, borne of the satisfaction with who I am, and who I am yet to become.  So yes, a lot of introspection, the true essence of the loneliness of the long distance runner.  Never lonesome while being alone, enjoying the company of one’s self.

Congratulations to a couple of our lads- Ivan Marsh and Matt Seiler went 1-2 at this past weekend’s Mud Sweat & Beers trail run out at Quarry Oaks.  And to a couple of our lasses- Joy Shulz was 2nd overall at the Papillion 10K, and Stacy Shaw was 2nd overall at the Papillion Half Marathon, in a nice 1:29:59, at 46 years old, is there a more consistent, tougher masters female in Nebraska?

I’d like to welcome York Thomas to Team Nebraska.  York is another Fast young man that will make an immediate impact for the club.  York’s fiance is Megan Zavorka.  That will be another Very Speedy couple on the club. And he is So Serious.

Our teams are set for the Hospital Hill Team Challenge on June 2nd.  Our men: Luka Thor, Matt Pohren, Eric Rasmussen, Cory Logsdon, and Lee Anderson.  Our women: Amanda Lee, Megan Zavorka, Meghan Schneider, Jen Viehrig, and Jaque Parker.  Our men are In It To Win It and this is the strongest women’s team we’ve ever sent as well.  Thanks to Julie Shaefer and her staff for all they do to make sure this race is Competitive.

Thanks too to Cal Murdock for providing support to Andrew Jacob, Shain Kephart, David Bohlken, and Jimmie Dougherty, they will be racing at Dam to Dam on the same morning.

Team Nebraska enjoys support for our athletes at almost any race in the country.  Part of our success as a program comes from the many race directors, elite athlete coordinators, sponsors, running clubs, and enthusiasts that recognize and support developing excellence in racing.  There are even one or two right here in Omaha but we still have a loooong way to go in my own backyard.

I dig this picture of Haleigh Riggle finishing the Lincoln Marathon.  Full flight after 26.2 miles, she is part of our future long distance success.  The Lincoln Marathon has provided more opportunities for Team Nebraska than any other race in the country.