To cause to become fluid, the rate of transfer of energy across a given surface.  Or, the promotion of fusion.

That word is bouncing around in my head for good reason today.  Life speeds change often, sometimes a casual saunter, other times a full tilt sprint.  I’m sprinting right now, the transfer rate of energy across my brain cells near warp speed.  A dozen and more lists limiting me to just a couple hours sleep last night.  Still up at 6 to meet a client.  Home and back on the computer trying to tie up details for July 6-7.

And as it often seems, something bigger than everything else popping right to the top, a stunner unexpected now taking up a lion’s share residency in the cerebrum and cerebellum.  Well timed and placed to be sure, kudos.

But also the promotion of fusion, yes.  The joining together and bonding in a structurally sound way.  Resolve holding the myriad details together, determination keeping the bigger picture intact.  Understanding that sometimes life isn’t just a picnic after all.

“That’s the wonderful thing about man; he never gets so discouraged or disgusted that he gives up doing it all over again, because he knows very well it is important and WORTH the doing.” Ray Bradbury Farenheit 451

OK, off the self indulgent soap box.

Great work to Matthew and Meghan Schneider this past weekend.  They were the overall winners at the Laugh-and-a-Half Marathon on Saturday.  Matt battled tough to run 1:11:07, Meghan was 6th overall in a new pr of 1:29:21.  Nebraska’s fastest long distance couple?

Cory Logsdon ran and won the Run 4 Trails 5K in Gretna in 15:50.  Nice work mate.

Here is the link to the Club National Championships schedule, please do plan on coming out and watching the Good Mates take on America’s best clubs!  http://www.usatf.org/Events—Calendar/2012/USATF-National-Club-Track—Field-Championships/Schedule.aspx