Not very often that I am impressed like I was last night.  Been around awhile, seen a lot of things, etc.

As part of our Wednesday Night Community Outreach Program (if you’d like to submit a good acronym for this shoot me an email at, we had a fine group of Team Nebraska women tackling Killer Coach’s 10 X 300 (:90 recovery, not a moment more!).  Carolyn led the group averaging 55s, Carole was next in 59 lows, Kristin in 59 highs, Joy and Lily both in 60.  To see them working together really had me warmed with pride.  We’ll throw Ashley into the frying pan next

The rest of the gathered mates and community runners fed off the hard work they were witnessing, each and every one putting forth great results.   So much sweat, so much effort, so much improvement, small wonder this weekly gathering sends my spirits soaring.

And for the one hundredth time, thanks Coach John Tully, we couldn’t do this without you!  And Coach Linda, herding 14 kids (including a 3 year old!) like a seasoned wrangler, just amazing.

Everyone Welcome!

Going to do a short feature tomorrow on the Omaha Hollywood 5 & 10K, a Red Carpet event with amenities rivaling the Oscars.