Kevin Brown started the following thread on the Omaha Running Club facebook page last week about how some people just won’t or can’t return a well intended salutation.
” Why is it when I run at a lake here in town or paved trails that I rarely get a wave, a nod, a “hello”? But when I run on The Wabash no matter what time of day I get nothing but happy people (runners) and mostly happy and enthusiastic bikers? I hate to be a downer but running the paved trails in town is a total bummer any more. /mini rant”

There were a lot of good responses, most encouraging him to continue his daily greetings and a few explaining why some people may not feel comfortable obliging a return.

Over the years I’ve had quite a few people come up and thank me for acknowledging them out at my dojo.  People I wouldn’t necessarily recognize in “civvies” but undoubtedly see regularly on their tours around Zorinsky.

I do offer a sincere “Nice Work” or “Good Job” to just about every single person I see.  Doesn’t matter how fast or how slow, I even praise some walkers-those that are out there for obvious health reasons (to lose weight).

Most people are genuinely appreciative for their labours being commended and return a smile or a wave or a nod.  But not everyone.   I’ve pretty much figured out whom they are and respect their wish for privacy/solitude/personal space.

But if you are out at the dojo and a particularly handsome bald headed fellow wishes you some good cheer as you get your exercise on, chances are it is either Kevin, or me.

Speedy recovery to our mate John Tully.  He really did break his foot during Sunday’s Corporate Cup.  Managed to drag it in over the last 1.5 miles, one tough cookie, he’ll be off for quite a while but will come back with as much fire as ever.

The Official results for the Corporate Cup are wrong up top.  Luka Thor finished 1 second in front of Matt Pohren, saw it with my own two eyes.  Their names are reversed in the results though.  Just thought you should know.  Strangely, the same exact thing happened at the Shamrock Shuffle 8K in Chicago this past March.  Conspiracy theorists care to chime in?



Alec Blenis, age 17. He is the 2nd ranked obstacle course racer in the United States behind the killer Hobie Call. These two guys and alot of the other crazies are gearing up for the Spartan Beast Obstacle Race up and down Killington Mountain, Vermont this weekend. On average, 50% DNF’s and +4 hour finishing times for the non-DNF’s. If that ain’t enough, they are having an “Ultra” version where you can run the course twice non-stop.

Hobie Call with a tire and a rock and some fire.

Warrior dash, shmarrior dash.