A few odds and ends today.  First off I’ve received several emails and messages congratulating me on the opening of Red Dirt Running Co.  And while I’m as excited as everyone else, I’m just a working stiff, Joe lunch pail, Johnny punch clock, Mr. Everyman tax paying, got a Real job employee.  I have no ownership or other vested interest in the company other than helping to keep my children warm and clothed and fed.

I’m getting a lot of smiles and chuckles when I relate how I work six hours straight, it is an accomplishment for me I must admit.  Especially given that my hours conflict directly with my nap time of the past 25 years.  Thank goodness for A Hill of Beans and their wonderful Kenya AA+ fresh brewed coffee.

We will be hosting packet pick up and Friday registration for the Big Blue Run/Walk at Red Dirt Running Co. tomorrow from noon until close at 7:00 pm.  A great opportunity to stop in and see Ande and the gang.

Team Nebraska welcomes Nate Stack as our newest mate.  Nate had a breakthrough performance at Sunday’s Omaha Marathon and is ready to step up his training and racing.  He’s shown good development over the last couple of years, working steadily through the 2:50s and now down to the nice 2:42:47 he popped last weekend.  A self professed “recreational” runner, we look forward to working with Nate to find out where his true potential is.  Welcome Nate!

Ashley Shurman is running from Yankton to Vermillion this weekend as she continues her prep for the Market to Market 50K.  This young lady is the epitome of Strength.

Ashley has some guns.  But her true strength lies in endurance.  She’ll be hard to beat on Oct. 13th.   I will let you know though that Linda ran 90 miles last week and will be a strong contender too.