Hosted our Sunday morning long run and was the first to return.  Strangely pleased to note the license plates on the cars in my driveway.  There is always new talent coming to the area and I like the way it makes its way to 18312 Ontario St. on weekends.

Six strong women showed up.  Alysha (Wyoming) was making her first appearance and initially had that deer in the headlights look.  “How far is everyone running this morning?”  Linda- “28 miles”, Lily (Wisconsin)- “24 miles”, Megan (Wyoming)- “20 miles”, Natalie (Kansas)- “16 miles”, Alex (Michigan)- “16 miles”.  Alysha ended up doing 16 and holding her own well.  She’s got some big wheels (1:25:47 for 2nd at last weekend’s Omaha Half, 38:50 Omaha Corporate Cup).

Natalie is running Chicago next weekend.  (So is Suzanne Higgins.)  Linda is running the 50K on the 13th.  (So is Ashley Shurman.)  Megan is making her 26.2 debut on the 14th in Wichita.  Lily is running NYC Marathon on Nov. 4th.  Alex is building base with an eye on the start line in Hopkinton next April.

Strong, Long Distance ladies.  No matter what their license plate reads, all working together and getting better for it.  And wearing the Red & White.