We’ve got several of the Good Mates competing at the Kansas Relays beginning today.  Matt Schneider will be running the 10K, Andrew Jacob will 800/1500 double, Matt Heesch is racing the 5K, and Randal Carter is high jumping.  Good luck and giddyup!

I think men running a sub 3 marathon is still sort of the gold standard for merely mortals, and when women break it that indicates a lot of serious potential for greater things.  Dig this: My old buddy Jim Garcia has ran a sub 3 in his fifth consecutive decade.  Like this, 2:55:51 in 1979; 2:32:06 in 1989; 2:25:46 in 1994; 2:37:02 in 2002; 2:54:08 at Monday’s Boston Marathon.  Now that is impressive.

Mike Morgan is out of the Lincoln Half due to his recurring foot injury.  Hopefully we’ll get to see Mike around for the weekend.  You read it here first!  In my interview with Mike a couple of weeks ago he mentioned not being happy with the USA Olympic Trials Marathon course.  The Houston Marathon listened, and apparently so did USATF.  Work has begun to reconfigure the course to eliminate the hairpin turns that were so widely panned.  Good.

Thanks to our TNB Medical Director Bill Weeks for the photos below.  He was fortunate enough to attend the post race party at Boston and these are a small sampling of the fun.

                                                                                                                  Kara Goucher getting down!

                                                                                                           My old buddy Tony Reavis interviewing new World Best Marathon holder Geoffrey Mutai

                                                                                                                                                                               Our mate Jose Badillo shortly after rocking the London Marathon!