The weather is here, wish you were beautiful.  Grinding out the interminable meetings as necessary, but oh the limited free time is pure bliss.  Runs Wednesday and Thursday on Daytona Beach, this morning’s hill workout on the causeways.  Thanks to my old buddy Joe Monks for the Florida hospitality.

Matty P and Kelly Crawford are being baptized under fire.  They’ve met some of the greatest athletes and coaches of ours and the last generation.  And sat through seemingly endless discussions on the underpinnings and machinations of our sport.  Both will be better able to serve our Nebraska constituency upon their return.

It is cool that everyone here speaks the same relative language, if occasionally on opposite sides of the beauracratic fence.  I’m back in my element to be sure.  Perhaps more than anyone, I needed to be in this company of like minded devotees.  And I find that I’m not the only  one dealing with “issues” back in my home association.  Part and parcel of being a leader in our sport is the critics that must be dealt with.  Towards that end I’m going to attend a Dispute Resolution workshop today.

A few of the cognesceti are setting on a powder keg, the fuse of unknown length blazing quickly.  It could go at any moment or it might sizzle throughout the meetings.  Such is the nature of due process.  If it blows before tomorrow night I’ll be the first to let you know….

I’ve decided to not throw my hat into the WLDR Chair election tomorrow.  I appreciate all the encouragement that was given me but with the emergence of another qualified candidate it becomes unnecessary for me to make that run.  This time around anyway.

It was super cool to see Ann Gaffigan, Annie Shadle, and Alice Schmidt all in attendance at this morning’s WLDR meeting.  It was a reunion of sorts of the 2008 Omaha Mile.  The only time all three of these Nebraska Legends ever participated in the same race.  We’ll all be enjoying tomorrow night’s Husker, Badger game, our group now 20+ strong cheering our favorite college football team!  Go Big Red!