That’s me!  How cold was it yesterday?  So cold that I jumped on the treadmill for the first time in over three years.  Knocked out a decent 4 miles and then did some circuit training.

We had some cooler cats show up in the frigid conditions on Christmas Eve for the 3rd annual Jingle Bell Winter Warm Up.  Participation was way down from last year’s event when the temp was relatively balmy.  The hearty dozen or so that did show up braved perhaps the coldest day of the year, until this morning’s sub zero dawn at least.  The donations however were bolstered by the 500+ race t-shirts I decided to release from inventory.  As a race director ordering shirts is a formula and an inexact one at that.  Several years of “extras” will now adorn the denizens of downtown streets.

Hope everyone got what they needed for Christmas.   Love and happiness is my gift for being a good boy this year.

I should have our Team Nebraska Year End Excellence Awards ready by tomorrow.  Just under the wire.

I’ve heard from several runners that participated in the Doomsday “5K”.  The lead group of 5 runners ended up running closer to 5 miles, apparently it was too cold for the turnaround volunteers to man their positions. Tsk!  The rest of the runners reported running closer to 2.8 miles.  Tsk!  Tsk!   At $50 for their late entry fee I can’t blame them for being less than thrilled with the event.

The Open Door Mission braved the weather too, thanks Glen for coming out with the truck!  Cold hands, warm heart, the Jingle Bell Winter Warm Up in the books.

A sampling of the Hearty Few, none more so than Laurie Halpenny! photo courtesy of Todd Berthelsen

My dear sweet Allison showing us her eclair skills.  Creme filled and covered with chocolate ganache, as much fun to eat as they were to make, the perfect foil to ham and all the trimmings!