I don’t ask for much.  Don’t need much.  Don’t want much.  For me.

I’m asking for something for you now though.  I am petitioning the varied members of our Omaha Running Community to come together for the good of us all.  If you’ve already seen this morning’s Omaha World Herald you know about the “Will vs Bill Camera Challenge.”  Thank you Michelle Bandur for the excellent coverage and article on our initiative.  Story is the top link above.

Dr. Bill Weeks and I are having a prediction contest/donation drive with all proceeds going towards security cameras at Lake Zorinsky, Omaha’s favorite recreation area and my beloved dojo.

Bill and I will be racing each other at the Lincoln Half Marathon.  You can buy tickets for $5 each to guess the winner and the winning margin of victory.  Smart money is on Dr. Weeks by a long way ; )     As a bonus, the winning guesstimate will receive a $100 gift certificate to Peak Performance.  Raffle tickets, donations, and more information available at the second link above.

I am donating a portion of the proceeds from the 7th annual Ni-Bthaska-Ke Trail Runs,  toward the effort and that amount will be matched by Gretna Family Health.  We care that much.

Just for one moment at least, let’s put our differences aside for the good of the community.  The Good of the Community.  I hear that all the time, now is our chance to put it into practice.  Let’s keep those who use Lake Zorinsky protected and safe.  Wouldn’t it be nice to do a loop without seeing the all too familiar blue hue of broken glass in the lots?

You may also choose to become a Platinum Level Sponsor ($5000), Gold Level Sponsor ($2000), or Silver Level Sponsor ($1000).  Sponsors will be recognized on a permanent plaque at the Lake.

Tonight kicks off the 6th year of another of my community based initiatives.  Now operating under the auspices of NRGE, Tuesday Night Track Work will be held starting at 6:00 pm at Millard West.  And Wednesday Night Track Work follows tomorrow evening.  Runners and walkers of all abilities are invited to come out and get some Fun and Fitness for the entire Family.  Coach Linda’s Kids Fit Program also launches tonight.  There is a $5 drop in fee for adults but the kiddos are free thanks to sponsorship from Gretna Family Health.will tye dye

Nebraska Run Guru Events.  Doing our part to make for a better running community.  Peace out!