Is the place for me.  Farm living is the life for me.  Land spreading out so far and wide.  Keep Omaha just give me that countryside!

I became a land baron this morning, pulled the trigger on nearly 3 acres of the finest, most fertile sandy loam you could ever hope to turn.

Comes with a farmhouse built in 1938.  Updated but still very quaint and comfortable.  Great front porch, views of the bluffs.  Two car garage.  A huge barn.  And a separate studio apartment.  Wuuut?

Linda & I have stepped into no fewer than 50 houses, driven by another 100+.  This is the gem we have been searching for.  Unlisted and happened upon whilst upon a country drive.  Cash on the barrel head, reward for 20 plus years of child rearing, I’m keen on the deal.

Having my hands in the Good Mother.  Has always been in the top 5 of my life’s passions.  Self sustainability, a bonus that sounds pretty good.  Might be a year before my agrarian vision bears fruit (pun intended), but at least now I have a canvas on which to work.

Gentleman farmer and animal husbandry.  Those that thought I was a one trick pony never knew me at all. I made a lifetime’s work out of running, it has been very, very good to me.  But that was only a single aspect to a very complex organism.

I do though remain your Run Guru and will continue to extol, expose, and expunge as I see fit.  Just with dirt under my nails now and  a contented smile that no one, no way, no how can erase.

A good woman, a good dog, a good piece of land.  Does it get any better?