My first week of training in the books, just under 40 miles.  My inner Stud yearning for expression, my old body rising to the occasion once again.  Most of my runs solo or with Jedediah, my favorite running partner now gainfully employed, of course a story behind that.  She too had her first week back to training, I’m keeping her focused on the big picture though.  2014 USA Masters Indoor National Championships.  Last time there she brought home a couple of shiny medals in the 45-49 age group.  Now 50 she will be a force to be reckoned with.  Team Nebraska is lucky to have her.  And so am I.

Nebraska Run Guru Elite has added another studette to the roster.  If you’ve never heard of Scottie Shaw, you will soon.

The neighbors are getting used to seeing me hit the roads, several comments of  “Them’s some fancy shoes.”

Way to go Matt Centrowitz.  1500 Silver behind Kiprop.

Did you catch the USA  lass leading off the women’s 4 X 400 meters?  Whatever that was on top of her head looked like Jed’s previous night’s dinner that I scoop out of the yard the next morning.  No accounting for taste I guess.  How about a little more concentration on the relay and a little less on trying to make a fashion statement.  Might turn that silver into gold.

Congratulations also to my old buddy Mike Aish.  Third Overall at the Leadville 100 this past weekend in an amazing 18:27:57.  Mike’s wife Nicole served on the Women’s LDR Executive Committee with me for several years.  He has one of the largest collections of running books anywhere, rivals my own, a true historian of our sport.  A former New Zealand marathoner, and exceptionally nice guy.

Omahan Tim McGargill completed the daunting course in 26:46:51, darned impressive for a flatlander.

Rumor has it that former World Record holder Gerry Lindgren may be visiting the Bar None.  Maybe I can get Henry Rono to come back for another visit as well.  Stay tuned……

me&gerryGerry & I back in 2004 when he was inducted into the USATF Hall of Fame.  We’re both a little older, grayer, wiser and happier now.