One of the biggest joys of writing a daily blog is the reader feedback.  To know that these humble (ha!) words are consumed, digested, and either synthesized or regurgitated, is a primary motivation for the regular scribbles.

With that in mind, thanks to the anonymous “Sorry I’m only 15 and not supposed to have email.”  for pointing out, with supporting data,  that my declaration of Stacy & Scottie’s race on Saturday making them the fastest mother/daughter combo in state history was not correct.  As always I accept responsibility for the error and continue to invite corrections to misstatements.  Seriously, fifteen and no email privileges?

I was also chastised by Omaha Marathon winner Derek Fey for not covering his story.  So I’ll offer this:  Derek was one of the original Team Nebraska athletes back in 2002.  I remember driving to Westside High School to deliver his free shoes and gear to him.   I also remember taking up a hell of a fight on Derek’s behalf, against Elite Racing.  They refused to grant him elite status into a half marathon they were putting on, citing his 1:09:30 qualifying performance was achieved on a non USATF Certified course.  I raised hell about it and burned a bridge with the elite athlete coordinator.   And that’s the nicest thing I have to say.

The Market to Market Relay is just around the corner.  The only sure thing is the Lincoln Running Co./ Pepsi- Masters will defend their title, having won it every year.   Supposed to be a stud club coming over from Iowa but with yesterday’s addition of Craig Christians to their team they will be tough to beat.

NRGE won’t have an entry into this year’s M2M, but we’ll be coming after you in 2014 you bet!

Questions:  Would anything in the world change for the better or worse or at all if I didn’t carry a USATF membership?  Would my drive and love and passion and work on behalf of NRGE, Team Nebraska, and the sport in general be diminished?  Would I be rendered ineffective and useless?  Or would I continue to do exactly what I do anyway?  Just curious.

Houston 83

Coming into the finish of my very first marathon.  Still a nice little tuft of hair back then.  I ran 3:09 with no Real Training and Nike Waffle Trainers.  My longest run was 15 miles and I’d only done one of those.  If only I knew then what I know now!  And here I am over 30 years later, still doing things my own way.