The sky really does fall sometimes, more like things fall out of them.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time lately gazing into the great blue sea of a sky, rapt by the now million and more birds carrying out their annual and genetic adventure.  The thousands that fly as one, way way up there, nothing falls from them.  Its those that whiz by seemingly just overhead that are likely to let loose an alabaster load, better be wearing your shades and a hat.

Tragic story about the helicopter in Seattle.  Plummeting and crashing onto a city street.  Another story from Seattle;  My buddy’s brother was sitting in his car on an exposed level of a parking garage.  Fifteen stories above a car crashed through a railing, dropped, and pancaked both vehicles.  Sad but true.

I was in my former hood yesterday.  The trail behind my house, well worn with 12 years of use, now barely discernible.  It wound ~ 1/8th of a mile and then under 180th St., that little bridge that you cross just South of W. Center.  A favorite place because it is the lowest point around and there is often a noticeable and pleasant temperature gradient.  The bridge collapsed and 180th is closed in both directions.  Heads up!

My heart breaks for the families of those aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

If you were wondering why there was no coverage of the Blarney Stone 5K on Monday night it is because there was a noticeable lack of competition.  Where have all the speedy folk gone?

A few will be in Plattsmouth this Saturday for the final No Frills, this time 10 miles.  A good chance to be honest with where fitness lay.  Want to race me?

We are closing the additional swag option over at’s registration for the Ni-Bthaska-Ke Trail Runs at midnight tonight.  If you’ve been waiting be sure and get it going today.   I will however be ordering extra hoodies and t’s to commemorate the incredible morning.

Thanks again to Cabela’s, Upstream Brewing Co., Omaha Steaks, Rotella’s, and Complete Nutrition for their kind support of the event.  Just over two weeks…