Ventured into “the city” last night for my weekly session at the Upstream Brewing Company.  Two and through the motto shared by both Linda and me.  Moderation baby.

Was happy to run into Coach Tully, we’ll be bringing our Wednesday Night Track Work back to the stage beginning next week.  And his buddy Denny Gray, possibly the very first person I met after moving to Omaha 13 years ago.

I wasn’t at all offended when Denny insisted that I am “odd”.  I understood exactly where he was headed.  He likes the fact that I do whatever strikes my fancy.  I’m odd in the sense that I have no intentions or enticements to fit anyone else’s presumed assumptions of accepted behaviour.  Odd in that I stand in front of everyone with my declarations of individualism, thumbing my nose at everyone that would have otherwise.  Wearing my heart on my sleeve and proudly.  Often toe to toe.  I wasn’t meant for meekness.

Denny looks at Linda and me with an appreciation and respect reserved for not very many I would guess.  The fact that we took control of our lives and made them into something wonderful, against all “odds”.  The fact that we determined our own happiness and cared less about the finger waggers and whisper slingers.  Our courage against what at times seemed to be the entire running community, for sure the Far West Omaha/LTF/RD component at any rate.  Tell me again exactly what I’m missing by lacking their favour?

Which led to a discussion of “Running Wives” and “Work Husbands”.  Those people that are paired up outside of marriage, often delightfully if not by design, that seem to be standard bearers for happiness and how to get along.

My friend/client from Tuesday is a professional wedding planner.  She asked me to catch her up on what I’d been up to the last two years.  When I told her my tale she was not surprised at all.  Reminded me that even a few years ago she had decided Linda was my “Running Wife.”  And she wasn’t alone, most people we encountered figured us a couple.  As I’ve said before, I was the last to know and believe it or I don’t care, Linda was likely the next to last.

I brought up several other local “prominent” couples that seem to fit this model.  Wives that spend an inordinate amount of time away from husbands and children.  Husbands that do the same.  All running away from something.  Doing anything and everything apart.  And then running right back only to plan the next getaway.  Many of whom wag their heads over Linda and me.  Hypocrites.

This then is our proof.  Linda and I love to do everything together.  Eat.  Sleep.  Play.  Work.  We are totally in synch.  And I guess we always were.