The first feature you notice at the Bar None is our extensive front porch.  Table and chairs, glider, three rockers, and another table and chairs.    Bird houses, bird feeders, folk art and exotic plants.  Gives me a Wide View of Our Little Slice and Beyond.

Stick a fork in it, its done.  The Corporate Cup can say and say again how well received the current course is, how everyone loves starting at Ak-Sar-Ben and how thoroughly enjoyable the tour through the hills and a dozen turns is.  That’s just plain not true.  What was Omaha’s only truly competitive race now joins the ranks of walkfest novelty fundraisers.  Back to its roots in fact.  Setting the bar high on how to use Our Sport to make money, caring not a moment on what the Real Running Community might want.

Hey now!  What you need is Permits!!  Not a single decent Road Race in the City of Omaha.  Boystown 5 Mile is the closest you get because they shut down the roads within.

Congratulations to Peter Falcon on assuming the mantle for the Nebraska USATF LDR Program.  Good young man, he sat through the USATF Coaching Certification with me a few weeks ago.  Bright, talented, and comes from good stock, I think he’ll do a fine job.

Linda and I chose to not attend the meetings this year.  

We’ll be sitting on the porch taking in the view of and reflecting on a program 10+ years in the making.