As it always will be.

The gun goes off and everything changes.  Its no longer just me against me, I have enough of that in training.  That battle is well rehearsed and well siezed.  In racing, it is me against you, something I have less control over.    When you line up next to me, yeah, everything transforms into mano-a-mano.  A challenge to each and everyone to delve into the deepest, darkest places, where Fear and Doubt hold sway.  To address those queries of Ultimate Honesty.  Can I go further?  Can I go faster?  The key to the answer turns with the pain of endurance and speed.  Only that unlocks the essence of Real Racing.  Relative to each of our own talents of course.

Its been that way since my very first race.  It will remain that way until I’m no longer able to lace.

And yes, that is the standard I hold others to.  Regardless of ability.

There are as many reasons to run as there are runners.  But a lot of us feel the need for Daily Redemption that can only be achieved by Honest Effort.  No matter what else you achieve or don’t achieve during the day, your run is the one place where no other body can be the boss of you.  And your results don’t answer to anyone other than yourself.

Why then is it so easy for some people to answer to others (training group, family, job, fences) but not themselves?  Because they are in the sport for a different reason than you and me.

Doesn’t make them wrong, doesn’t make them right.  It just makes them who they are.  And sets us apart.


A couple of weeks ago Linda and I did the Zip Line 3 Mile Run.  It took me two miles to catch the happy fella on the right.  Our countenances reveal exactly why we are out there.  He able to crank out his race pace with a smile, enjoying the tour.  Me only concerned with passing him and holding off Linda.  She would pass me with a kilometer to go, gap me by 3-4 seconds.  With 600 meters to go My Voice asked if I was up to this opportunity to be Honest.  Not something you can ponder, requires an instant answer, “YES!”  I dug as deep as I have in a year, gaining with every stride until I was able to cross the line perfectly matched with her.

Same as it ever was, same as it will always be.