Macro, meso, micro.  What do you have on tap for 2015?  That’s one of the topics we’ll be addressing at tonight’s Nebraska Run Guru Elite team meeting.  Planning for the year, the season, the race.  Establishing windmills to tilt.  Difficult ones, worthy of Honest Pursuit.  Individual.  Team.  We’ll get that done and go into some super secret, metaphysical, whirling dirvish, chanting, pistol squatting frenzy, appeasing the gods of giddyup!  Banding together with roadmap to success.  This way chosen, Truth our only Real Challenge, Honesty the only Real Answer.

We’re bad ass that way.

I’ve seen every NRGE mate race.  The grit of their teeth.  The damned if you’re passing me countenance.  Never complacent, never thrilled with a performance, always knowing that little bit extra is still out there somewhere.  Always looking ahead, never behind.  Pissed if you finish ahead and looking forward to the next try.  And more.  We’re so fortunate to have these men and women believe in this club.  And equally what we  represent outside of the physical training.  The ability to turn an athlete’s eye inward.  Ask the Hardest questions.  Settle for no less than the Deepest Truth.  The Mind is the Athlete.  That’s what they’re all in for.

20141118_115622 (1)

We’ll be charting out 2015 tonight.  You can learn much and keep motivated by keeping a record of your daily, weekly, monthly, and annual training and goals.  This past weekend I used a log to track my log useage in the wood burning stove.  Learned I could stretch a single log into 2 plus hours of heat.  This handy chalkboard reminds me daily of what is most important in life.


Its the coals that keep the heat, wise management of resources ensuring plenty of wood for the winter.  Wise distribution of running energies during our frigid months ensuring plenty of racing next spring.  A little of this, a little of that.


We’ve been at the Bar None for 18 months, no microwave necessary.