It is with interest that I’m following the local news dealing with a female that started a social media smear campaign against a local business.  Unfounded charges.  Instantly snapped up as the truth, outrage ensues.  I’m especially sensitive to this for good reason.  One of the hardest puzzles I’ve had over the last three years is wondering what in the world they could have been told.  What charm was used?   Why those I served with all my heart no longer recognize me.  Must have been some powerful stuff.

What I have found to be true is that as long as you maintain your principles, as long as your passion and energies are sincere, your line is consistent, you are In It To Win It, then all the rest is worth it.    All.  Of.  It.

Don’t try this at home.  My young studs Sam and Jackson will head to Virginia Beach in a couple days for the AAU National Championships.  They both had their best workout of the season yesterday.  Not the hardest.  Not the toughest.  The best.  Because they did Exactly what they were told.  Believed in it.  Executed it to perfection.  Jackson, age 9, his legs reminiscent of the roadrunner’s blur when he gets them in  gear.  And Sam at 13, me now declaring he has demonstrated understanding of my philosophy more than any athlete I’ve ever worked with. And boy you better look out.

Pete and Kyle, underway at Badwater.  Their NRGE mates damned proud.  And their friends, coming  out of the woodwork now (“I know them personally!”), all queuing up well wishes.

Thanks to my new buddy Jeff Doose.  The Race Director for the State Fair Marathon and I have been in communication discussing elite fields.  The event has signed  Bryan Morseman of Bath, NY.  He is a “prolific” marathoner with a personal best of 2:20.  He once ran and won three marathons in 8 days.  The other stud is Geoffery Terer, a Kenyan living in Colorado Springs.  He has life time bests like this- 10K @ 28:03 in 2013, Half @ 1:02:35 in 2010,and Marathon @ 2:11:56 in 2008.  It will be interesting to see where his fitness is in 2015.  For the women Kaci Licktieg will “drop” down in distance and go after her own course record.  I hope there will be a couple of ladies to keep her company, competition being necessary for best performances in my opinion.

No Rumors Ma’am, Just Fact.