All these bonus weather days should be a boon to your training.  Also a great chance to catch up and even get ahead of the chores.  Steady working, the list dwindling towards the mundane now that the majors have been completed.  Indication of where we are in life, bone tired at 8:30 Saturday night, and abed.  Rising renewed at 7:30 Sunday morning.  The longest and best night’s sleep in memory.

And on the flip side of the word play, kudos to Logan Watley for pulling off the last minute USATF Nebraska Association XC Championships.  Cobbled together on ridiculously short notice, he and his LRC Racing mates demonstrated a good understanding of protocols and rules, the importance of conducting our program’s business.

Seventeen athletes, three clubs.  Cole Marolf, representing LRC Racing was the best xc runner in the state of Nebraska yesterday, covering the 5K  course in 16:28.   Nebraska’s best female cross runner on the day it mattered was Katie Nelson in 20:04.  Championship racing.

Now bring on Living History Farms!