Some well earned tips of the sombrero today.  Big news, big time, big tips!

Pink Gorilla and Born and Raced in Nebraska have merged, revealing the future of professional level race management.  Ben Cohoon, Jason Bakewell and Zach Harsin will combine their ample forces overseeing what promises to be the next generation of our running experience.  Look for more great stuff geared towards making sure everyone enjoys their offerings.

Including a little something for the elites.  Prize money!  I’ve thanked Ben and let him know that our NRGE  mates will be taking every thin masculine dime.  Hyperbole?  You aught to know better.

And well deserved accolades for Tom Whitaker and Darren Konda this past weekend as they were inducted into the Omaha Running Club Hall of Fame.

My old buddy Cal Murdock issued his regular Iowa RunAblaze  e-blast this morning.  Headlines read “Iowa Beats Nebraska”.  Proud as he can be a deservedly so.   I let him know right away that Nebraska Run Guru Elite will be bringing it to them next year.

Odd day yesterday.  I’d heard from a father asking me to come to the 68752 zip code to watch his waif of a daughter run.  He had told me some things (home schooled, barefoot runner) that made the 2+ hour drive intriguing.  I wandered around Madison county until an old geezer waved his finger “South, about 12 miles on the oil road to the dead end, go left”.  Guy was slopping his hogs with his two sons and the daughter, all ankle deep in doo doo when I pulled up.  The boys maybe 15-16, the girl obviously much younger.  Brief introduction, little girl sheds her boots, and immediately starts running circles  around the stockyard.  Fast.  Really fast.  Really, really fast.  Mud and dung flying off her bare heels, fairly skimming along and around.  Maybe the best 5 hours I’ve spent this month.  I left with a promise.

The Big Time.