I hope you’re ensconced with family by the time you are reading this.  Going to be some rough going on the roads tomorrow.  More typical weather than what we’ve been spoiled with to be sure.

Hope there are some fast times in the sundry Turkey Trots, I’m resting the lads after LHF so go get some.   And for next year’s Lincoln Marathon winner, I’ve given her the green light to hop into her hometown half marathon.  Promises to not race and keep things in perspective, the first steps into the master plan.

I’ll miss the Fremont Turkey Trot.  I used to trot my former team to the annual 5 miler.  Remember when David Adams and Peter vd Westhuizen raced each other?  The good old days.    My “grandstanding” as it was described- gathering the mates for the obligatory pre race start line photo- raised eyebrows, even prompting a certain talented master runner to retire from my services.  Oh, the holiday stories!

Another day another girl.  This time from upstate NY.  My reach only as long as needs be.   Third at last week’s Class C State Champs.  Hayleigh Palotti.  Keep that name on your good list.

Heads up!  Logan Watley and whomever decides the competitive schedule at Team Nebraska!  I’ve initiated discussions with Iowa RunAblaze, Training Run Kansas City, and the Kansas City Smoke about a series of  3 races next year.  Nebraska Run Guru Elite partnering/hosting with a local event RunAblaze and Kansas City each returning the favor.  Prize money.  Elite Amenities.  Pride.


Hayleigh, the future.


2011.  The past.  Yes, it was my position that a USATF Elite Development Club should actually race locally and often, be In It To Win It.  As an author of USA Track & Field’s EDC program that is what it is about.  Really it is.