Bidding adieu to that pair of digits.  Tomorrow kicks off my next trip around El Sol, this wild, wonderful, wacky ride called life.

What can I pass on to you from a life time of living?  What wisdom can I impart that might be of benefit, if only to  a single reader?  Ten things that hopefully strike a chord.

1. It doesn’t matter what  you do, enjoy it.  If you love this you are blessed.

2. Real Love exists.  Deep, Respectful, cry with happiness every day, hold  each other tight at night Real Love.

3. Service to Others exceeds any number on Line 37.

4. Real Friends are Loyal to Each Other.

5. Life is Dynamic.  You can Learn and Do Better.  Always.

6. Accept Self Responsibility, see above.

7. The Truth  Sets You Free, see above.

8. Life Is A Circle

9. Two Men See a Stone.  A Rock.  A Gem.  Both Right.

10.  Loving Partner, Good Dog, Good Garden,  Good Library,  Wood Burning Stove.



Jedediah.  Loving, Loyal.  Free Ranging at Platte River State Park this week.