It really is.   You have to be hardened off once in a while.  Because life is difficult.  No big deal really but I felt a pang of loss this morning when I found almost 20 of my young Cornish Rock broilers dead as a door nail.  Only a week old, despite plenty of space, inexplicably smashed together, I’ll spare you the rest of details.

Life ain’t fair folks.  And life is fair folks.  The pendulum do swing- its arc tracing both sides.  Its how you handle that duality, reconciling curse and luck that defines your character.  The best thing is to enjoy your fortunes and learn from your losses.

Finding that peaceful acceptance.  Understanding karma.  The Middle Path.  Understanding that life truly is a journey, with inspiring and defeating moments all playing important parts.  The bigger the loss, the more profound the lessons.  The larger the inspiration, the more you learn to appreciate.  At least it ought be that way.

And who wants to go through life with nothing but butterfly kisses and rainbows and unicorns anyway?  Give me the jungle and all it has to teach about living a full life.  Keep me centered.  Let me absorb the extremes with dignity and understanding.  That’s living.