Some good work going on behind the scenes over at USATF Nebraska Association LDR HQ.

Logan Watley is setting up an archives of our past association championships.  While it will only be an asterisk on an overcrowded association website, it will be my favorite page.

Researching my files.  The genesis of our association champs, 2005-2012, reminisces of my first efforts to provide focus on elite athletics in Nebraska.  I’ve submitted 18 race results and have to dig up a few more yet.

Within those results, the essence of my vision, what I founded the LDR Program on.  My tenure as LDR Chair.  Excellence.  Long standing and now serving as benchmarks.  For Nebraska Run Guru Elite, and at least that young fella named Rutford for LRC Racing.

The gems, the Road Records.   All on USATF Certified Courses in a time when those efforts were a hard sell.   All awarded prize money that was very hard fought for.  Excepting last Sunday’s 5K in which Johnny Rutford, after some help from Colin Morrissey, was a dig down and get after it like I haven’t seen in way too long.  Hope lies in our youth.  Fellas, Ladies, here are some marks you ought be chasing this year!

Note here, and speaking only of my tenure, the Lincoln Marathon also hosted our USATF Champs from 2004-2012, dedicated prize money to USATF membership.  In the earliest days, there was money earmarked for USATF Clubs as well as individuals.  An effort to stimulate more clubs, a vision too far ahead of its time.  My former mates always swept so it was rolled into the individual purses making for nice paydays either way.  The Lincoln Marathon, a whole chapter due their vision and generosity!

And now, The Goods:

1 Mile, Road
Omaha Mile
Omaha, Nebraska
September 27, 2008
USATF Course Certification #NE07008KU

Peter vd Westhuizen- 3:58 *State Open and Association Record
Alice Schmidt- 4:39 *State Open Record
Ann Gaffigan   5:01   *Nebraska Association Record

2 Mile, Road
Whisper Run 2 Mile
Lake Zorinsky, Omaha Nebraska
September 20, 2008
USATF  Course Certification #NE08005KU

1. Peter vd. Westhuizen- 9:15 *State Open and Association Record
2. Tom Nichols-                 9:28
3. Shannon Stenger        10:01
4. Paul Wilson                 10:24
5. Bob Garcia                  11:08  *Association Masters Record
6. Doug Bickford            11:25
7.  Laura Ferguson        11:58  * Association Women’s Record

5K, Road
Two Rivers Valentines Day 5K
February 14, 2016
USATF Certification #(as soon as Karl gets back from Habitat work in Nicaragua)
Two Rivers State Recreation Area
Waterloo, NE
Johnny Rutford   15:15  *Association Record, perhaps Open Record

10K, Road
Omaha Corporate Cup
September 18, 2011
USATF Course Certification #NE08006KU
Peter vd Westhuizen      30:36
Kaci Lickteig                  36:33** same course, 2012