Cool Cats.  Hep Cats.  Kitty Cats.  Lions. Tigers.  Pussycats in all colors and demeanor.

All feral.  Cats are never domesticated.  But they will sell out for the right amount of comfort.  The Right Amount of Comfort, that bane on human existence.  How much of your true nature are you willing to trade off for comfort?

Life is a sliding scale of comfort for most of us.  Based largely on your roll of the dice at birth.  Decided during this morning’s chores that I would have preferred raising my 3 kids on a farm.  A better, more real life starting point.    Respect.  Responsibility.  The only entitlement, the only guarantee, honest hard work.

That’s only half the lesson though.  The up front part.  Second half is best.  The results.  Seeing the product of labor, by one’s own hand.   Knowledge of the Good Mother’s Ways.  Lessons for life.

I’m seeing these youth of Yutan and Waterloo and Valley and Arlington and Fremont, they are farm kids.  Not a single one planning on that 2016 Shelby GT Mustang for graduation.

But they do have that feral gleam in their eyes!