One of the things I love about this column is the feedback I get from you readers.  It is great to know that my love of words is appreciated and well received.  Nothing in the course of human history has made such a positive contribution to the cultural development of homo sapiens.  All the way from cave drawings to today’s post.  I take my charge seriously enough, hoping to educate and inspire and occasionally tickle you.  A former banner at the top of Run Guru Says declared “Stimulating The Running Community to a Higher Culture.”  Prior to that it was “Informing the Running Community With Expert Commentary.”  You can tell a lot about a person by how they communicate, both verbally and with the written word.  It is hard for me to hear or read juvenile, hip hop bastardizations of my Precious Words, just another sign of how old and grumbly I must be.

Transition complete!  I’ve finally recaptured the Fun in running.  Have been working hard on that front and transcendence arrived this weekend.   A brief session of meditation in just the right environs proved to be my elixir to Run Happy.  Thanks to my buddies that brought in the ashram on wheels, I owe you one big smile.  I felt strangely at home amongst the circus like atmosphere.

I’ve cut the mileage back to 4 miles/day until this Heat Wave passes.  The sweat has been copious and noble but I’m playing it safe until my old buddy Jim Flowers gives me the Green Light to extend the efforts.  Interesting report on the news last night about Cumulative Heat Stress, over a period of time, how insidious it can be and able to affect you for many days.  I’m taking additional water on my runs and have had smitty carrying the extras for me.  He drops the bottles about as subtly as he does innuendos, good to finally have my sure handed training partner back.


Or, you can go with that.