Good is good, grief is grief.  Sometimes grief is good.

Treading not ever so lightly this morning.

I’m calling for every single administrator in our USATF Nebraska Association to supplicate themselves to the very same rigorous scrutiny of background checks that I have.  Every Association officer, every club president, every coach.

The upside is  that our association would be above any charges of impropriety.  The other obvious and most beneficial result would be to ferret out those that should not be in positions of authority in the organization.

They know who they are.  Why else refuse to take a simple background check?  There are those in our association, in positions of leadership, that have never had the screening.  Steadfast refusal.  What’s to hide y’all?

I submitted for a two fold reason.  One of course being to work with the talented, ambitious youth of our association.  The second reason was to protect my name.  For all I’ve battled  over the last 10 years.  The character attacks, the lies, the vitriol.  More filed grievances than you can count on one hand.  Remember, grief is sometimes just for grief’s sake and not for any good.

So I call on you to call on them.  Find out what they are hiding.  Or insist they step down.