Congratulations to Brock Angelos for being the quickest and wittiest of those responding to yesterday’s quiz.  His correct answer, if not entirely what I was looking for:
“None of you ever won the Corn Carnival Road Race in Canton, S.D.  Since the race is now defunct, it is now completely out of your collective grasp.  That was an easy contest.”

Of course the answer I was looking for is today’s title.  Tom parlayed his experience into the highest echelon of Health Care Administration, Gary morphed into a financial whiz, and I’m still grading prime cuts.

At last night’s 4th Annual Relay Carnival my critical eye proved spot on once more.  Twelve dedicated athletes showed up for the Fun and I put them in 3 groups of 4.  My task was to keep this fun, interesting, and competitive.  The first event was the 4 X 100 meters.  Carole, Andrew, Brett, and John took 1st in 1:06.10.  The next two teams across finished in a tie just .04 seconds behind in 1:06.14.

Event 2 was the 4 X 200.  Brian, Frosty, Bruce, and Enita took that race in 2:20.08.  2nd was 2:20.10.  3rd in 2:21.00.

The final race was the 4 X 400.  Bob, Uriah, Amee, and Justin pulled this one out thanks to Justin making up 120 meters on Bruce, that was fun to watch.  1st in 5:33.93, 2nd in 5:35.03, 3rd in 5:46.02.

What made this such a Fun and Great Workout was the team spirit displayed by each group.  Every person digging down deeper than would have otherwise been possible, the 100+ heat index be damned!  All three races were Very Hotly contested and close at the finish.  Each team won 1 race.

I’ve still got a pretty good eye for judging, whether it be on the hoof, in the case, or on the track.

Brett, Carole, John and Andrew took the 4 X 100 in 1:06.10

Frosty, Enita, Brian, and Bruce brought home Gold in the 4 X 200 in 2:20.08

Justin, Uriah, Amee, and Bob earned their glory taking the 4 X 400 in 5:33.93.  I think Justin split under 50 seconds to eat up a seemingly impossible lead.

A master at my craft.  Linda brought squirt guns to keep everyone cool last night.  Photos courtesy of Jody Green.