I do declare that running is my business.  I wade in and weigh in, often unsolicited.  Such was the case this past weekend.  I’ve been following a high school friend on fb, his son Jake just turned 14 and has run 18:05 on a certified course.  I of course thought that was keen.  Read where the  young man ran a recent good 15K and was looking forward to a half marathon in the next couple of weeks.

I couldn’t just stand by.  Called my hometown, spoke with his dad.  Gave him my position about too far too young.  Urged him to sit the lad down and present sound logic.

Not everyone agrees that year round running is inappropriate for developing youth.  There are those that thumb their noses at me and the notion in fact.  Parents that push their children too far, too fast,  too young.

Back to Atwood, IL, I told Jim that Jake would undoubtedly perform well in the half.  And that would ultimately be detrimental to his psyche.  Success at too young an age.  Setting a high bar that leaves little room for appropriate incremental development, lots of room for burnout and injury.  Push them  as hard as you can as a child and you will see results.  I doubt though that you’ll see them in the sport, at least competitively, as adults.

Pete Kostelnick keeps chugging across America.  Yesterday was day 11 and he covered 72.5 miles.  He’s out the door already and will post another 70+ while you are in your cubicle.

Jeremy Morris set the event record at the Hawk 100 Mile in 16:12:36.  You guys amaze me!