Right off the top I’m owning it.  Corporate Cup top finishers Grant MacKinnon (1st- 33:45) and Brandon Wissing (2nd-34:10) do indeed run for Nebraska Run Guru Elite, Inc.  My bad for not getting Grant his kit and making sure our boys were outfitted properly.  Both new to the club, we look forward to their representing with distinction!

Tough hilly course.  Winding and winding.  Good to see Colin Morrissey (3rd- 34:25) and Tim Langdon (5th- 35:40) of Team Nebraska and Erica Doering (1st-39:26) of Lincoln Running Co. Racing willing to get some.  Logan Watley LRC (6th- 35:44) also represented the blue and yellow.  NRGE’s Stacy Shaw (1st master 44:11) showed that at 50 years old she is still wears the badge.

Now hear this!  The Omaha Corporate Cup was the most important 10K in the state of Nebraska from 2005-2012.  Depth of competition, race times, prize money.  It took me years to get the race to that level.  And only a moment to drop into irrelevancy.  But Wait!  Grant and Brandon have thrown down the gauntlet.  A huge step forward to making the race a race again, despite the most difficult 10K course in town.

Those darned professors!  You would think that with their horned rim glasses and ivory towers they would be smart enough to schedule projects and exams with enough notice so that our lads can meet arbitrary entry deadlines.  No excuses, no leeway.  No race.

Say what?  Our lads found out in the last 10 days that they would be available to team up for Market to Market.  I was fairly salivating at the prospect of NRGE taking it to LRC and Team Nebraska.  Almost giddy as we reached out in hopes of securing an elite entry spot.  Too bad, so sad, entry deadline into Nebraska’s favorite novelty passed.

So with that, Nebraska’s fastest male and several of his mates will be racing in Omaha the following day.  The Race for the Cure 5K, here we come, late entries and all!


This was the Omaha Corporate Cup during my heyday.  Took a Force of Will, Real Leadership, to assemble athletes from across the  state and get them on the same page.  Our Nebraska Association 10K Championships.  We all will have to work hard to see the likes again.

Decent payday for Eric.  Where did all the prize money races go?